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3 Ways to identify a Empty dataset and Obs Count

by Regular Learner Anind_Sharma on ‎06-16-2014 03:41 AM - edited on ‎10-05-2015 03:47 PM by Community Manager (246 Views)

1st Way:-


%macro test;


%local InDat Exist NumObs;

%let InDat = MM_IP;

%let Exist = No;

%let NumObs = 0;


DATA null;

set sashelp.vmember(where = (libname = "WORK" and memtype = "DATA"));

if upcase(memname) = "%upcase(Retail_summ1)" then call symput("Exist",'Yes');



%if &Exist = Yes %then %do;

%let DSNId = %sysfunc(open(Retail_summ1));

%let DSObs = %sysfunc(attrn(&DSNId.,nobs));

%let rc = %sysfunc(close(&DSNId.));

%let NumObs = &DSObs ; %end;


2nd Way:-

%let Exist = No;

%let NumObs = 0;

%if %sysfunc(exist(&InDat)) %then %let Exist = Yes;

%if &Exist = Yes %then %do;

PROC SQL noprint;

select * from &InDat;


%let NumObs = &SQLObs;



3rd Way:-

%put EXIST: &Exist;

%put NUMBER OF OBS: &NumObs;

%if &Exist = No or &NumObs = 0 %then %do;

     DATA pval; prob = .;






%put &NumObs &Exist;

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