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sas DI studio certification

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sas DI studio certification

Hi All,


Currently I am using SAS DI 4.21. I am planning to take certification on this. Can anyone help me with the materials or study guide to prepare for this exam? I have been using this tool for more than one year. Is the DI user guide is enough to prepare for this exam?

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Re: sas DI studio certification

If you are using DI Studio today, I think that you'll be fine by the user guide, combined with self practice based on the the certification outline. Be aware of that 4.21 is kinda old, so notice any new features in later releases coupled with the certification areas.

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Re: sas DI studio certification

Ok Thanks

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Re: sas DI studio certification



The best place for you to start is to look at the materials we have posted on our certification website.  In particular, you should look at the Exam Study Aid tab for the DI exam.  Go to: for the Data Integration Developer exam information.   Click on the Exam Study Aid tab and you will see a complete listing of all the testing objectives and the topics that are potentially covered on the exam.  There is also a set of sample exam questions.   Practical experience with the tools is also important so it sounds like you've been already working with that.


I hope this helps you.


Good luck to you in your studies.

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