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Tips on base SAS Certification?

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Tips on base SAS Certification?

Hi guys,


I just bought the SAS prep guide for base sas certification and was wondering how to get started with it. Any tips on what has helped you get thru the 800 pages?!

Also, typically when do you schedule the exam for? With a full time job, you think 4 months would be enough to study?



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Re: Tips on base SAS Certification?

It's not really that bad. There's a lot of pictures 😌


My study method was a chapter at a time, for the questions at the end of each chapter I made sure I could answer them without resorting to looking at the back of the book. I did the questions over and over until I could. 


Its heavily focused on text files unfortunately, which isn't something I dealt with at work, since we work off servers. 


Make a a schedule and stick to it. Decide how long you need per chapter, and multiply that by the number of chapters. Some will be easier and some are harder but the Base Certification is not difficult if you work with SAS on a daily basis. And by that I mean writing code, not just running scripts. 


Good Luck!

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Re: Tips on base SAS Certification?

Reeza, the questions at the end of the chapter are really helpful. How much time did you spend for practicing each chapter on the software?
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