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SAS / Predictive Analytics

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SAS / Predictive Analytics

Dear All,

I'm BI / EPM Consultant from different Vendor (SAP)

I want to move my career more from Analytics to Advanced Analytics (Statistical / Forecasting etc side).

I believe that I cannot learn everything in one glance, but, I feel that SAS is most powerful for PA or AA than SAP have.


But, what I'm looking here?I'm looking to start energizing my new skills with PA level in more functional perspective.I know there is a lot of Algorithm / Data Mining models... its difficult for me (for now) to understand what do what and how do what.See.. for example, i would like to have an example in functional point of view like following:- Which kind of Chart/Graphic exist  and how to analyse it.. and how I can "consult"/"advice" the clients this Graph for this specific situation (industry x Lob) and which algorith to check. I understand for example for forecasting we need to compare the algoritm which give the most accurated forecasting.So, which are the algorithms? How I interpret? Why I use plot? in which scenario I use Histograms ? Decision Tree? How to interpret the results again? etc...


I would like to know if there is a book who help me intepret the graphics/output in generic way or can be used in some LoB(Line fo Business (Sales/Finance/Procurement/etc..). No need something very fancy.. looking something simple.. and how to interpret... and then I can go to advance level.Again: doing the technical part is not a big challenge, any tool can do that... i just want to guided to ask the "right question"

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Re: SAS / Predictive Analytics

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If it has been awhile since you did any format Statistics classwork I would suggest a review of descriptive statistics and basic regression.

Forecasting and modeling are big enough areas that you may want to investigate and pick an area of concentration. Then check out the SAS book store and training opportunities on areas of interest. 

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Re: SAS / Predictive Analytics



Thank you for your question.  I work as a certification developer for SAS Global Certification and have some suggestions for possible paths you might want to explore.


SAS offers a Business Knowledge Series and there is a particular course titled "Analytics:  Putting it All to Work" that I think might be a good starting point because it covers many different predictive modeling and analytics techniques.  The course is more general in nature but it's also very informative.  The course notes could likely serve as a great "textbook" for you. 

Check it out at:



A second possible avenue for you to explore is our Academy for Data Science.  We will be offering one in June.   You can explore the courses offered through the Academy program at:



It's always good to explore the SAS books as well:


I agree with the other comment posted that you should make sure that you have a solid background in statistics.


Hope these suggestions are helpful to you as you explore expanding your career to include SAS.


Kindest regards,


Becky Gray

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Re: SAS / Predictive Analytics


Thanks a lot.

I really appreciate your guys answer.




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