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Preparing for Advanced SAS Certification

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Preparing for Advanced SAS Certification



I am looking for a group that is preparing for Advanced SAS certification. I have the material with me but I need some tips and tricks that actually worked out for you during preparation?

1. How discplined were you while preparing for the exam(if you are a full time employee and have been working on SAS for 4-5 years)

2. How many hours dialy did you dedicate?

3. How many months did you dedicate?


Thank you!

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Re: Preparing for Advanced SAS Certification

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1. When I have given advance certification, I had set target for every week and followed it religiously. 


2. For me, number of hours do not matter, I identified which all topic I am good at and what all topics were new to me. For example, I was confident of proc sql so I didnt spend much time on proc sql related topics and devoted more time to macros and other topics.


3. Its difficult to say how many months would it require but read certification guide atleast two times. 


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