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How to prepare for SAS Base Exam & Workload?

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How to prepare for SAS Base Exam & Workload?

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Can u suggest any books or online courses in order to prepare for the SAS Base exam ? (besides the preparation guide)
I'm specifically looking for actual exam questions samples and exam simulations, in which the answers are explained.

Furthermore, what is your experience regarding the workload? I'm working full-time, so I'm not sure how much weeks/months/weekends I need to spend. However, I have already some SAS experience since I attended university lectures. What is your experience? 


I found following source ( It is a Third-Party company which provides sample questions. Is it recommended to use these questions?



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Re: How to prepare for SAS Base Exam & Workload?

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I'm somewhat biased as I built the site, but is a great place to test your SAS knowledge, not least because the questions / answers all come with explanations - so you can understand why it was / wasn't the right answer.


Furthermore, each question is peer reviewed, so you are unlikely to find incorrect answers (like some of the examples out there in the wild web).


Once you have amassed enough reputation, you can take short SAS quizzes (12 questions) and measure yourself against others.  


Finally, once you have green belt, you are able to submit new questions.  Writing SAS questions (with explanations) takes a fair bit of thinking, and so it's actually a great way to revise!  As well as a way to earn tokens that you can re-use for more quizzes.



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