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Expierence with the SAS Learning Subscription

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Expierence with the SAS Learning Subscription



I'm thinking about getting a SAS Learning Subscription but I can't find a list of all the available courses on there to make a case to my company. Best I found was: but when I click on one of the courses as an

example Accessing Data II I get the message You cannot enroll yourself in this course.
Is there an overview about all the courses available with the subscription? Also when I'm looking into the learning paths only a very small amount of the courses there feature a check mark which seems to indicate that the course is available in the subscription.


Is there anyone who already used the SAS Learning Subscription and can share his or her expierence with it?


Looking forward to hearing from you


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Re: Expierence with the SAS Learning Subscription


 The VLE (virtual learning environment) won't show you the list you want -- the VLE is for use AFTER you register for a free class or purchase the Learning Subscription or purchase paid training. You cannot enroll or register for classes within the VLE interface and trying to click on a class from within the VLE will generate the error message you received.


  Our older courses (before the VLE) used different HTML-based technology for delivering the videos and the newer VLE allows us to track progress better and to award badges. The new VLE interface also allowed us the capability to offer Free Trials for both the Learning Subscription and the SAS Academy for Data Science (which are 2 different sets of classes).


  Here is the list for ALL of our e-learning classes: and you'll need to click "Expand All" to see the full list. Note that this is the full list of e-learning classes and other self-paced products; however, some of these courses are NOT available, even under the paid Learning Subscription. For example, any course that has "Virtual Lab" in the title or "Self-Study + Virtual Lab" in the title is NOT available in the Learning Subscription. And, of course, the Data Science Academy packages are NOT available in the Learning Subscription. But otherwise, this list is a good place to start.


  The Learning Subscription has a 30-day free trial, but only selected content is unlocked for viewing in the free trial -- so you can't blaze through all the courses in 30 days by working non-stop. For example a course might be mostly locked down but have a few demos or lectures unlocked. Or a course might be completely locked in the free trial and you will only be able to view the full course when you either purchase THAT class as a stand-alone purchase or get the full Learning Subscription.


  Price and availability vary by country, so if you are interested in a price quote and the features, then fill out this form: and there's also a comment box on the form, where you can ask additional questions. If you want to know whether a particular set of courses is included in the Learning Subscription, you can ask in the comment field or wait until we email you the price quote and then respond to that email with more detailed questions.


  When we receive the form, our Learning Subscription team will email you a quote if you're in the US or forward your request to your country office, if that country office offers the Learning Subscription as a product. If you want the Learning Subscription for a group of employees, they'll refer your request to an Education Account Rep for group pricing.


  The best way to decide whether the Learning Subscription is going to be a good choice for you, is to review some of the course descriptions. If you click on a course title from the e-learning page, you'll drill over to the web page for a course where you can read the full description, see the details and see the prerequisites, course outline and retail price information for the course.


   Please read the web page: to see the full list of features in the Learning Subscription. We only provide prices, as appropriate to your country, when you fill out this form . Prices are not shown on the web site.


  In the US, our experience with the Learning Subscription is that the majority of student accesses are from corporate purchases for training a group of employees.


  My usage with the Learning Subscription has been limited to answering training questions about the Learning Subscription classes, so my usage experience is not what you're looking for. Perhaps someone who uses the full Learning Subscription will post their experience here.





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