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Another welcome and where to find things in here

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Another welcome and where to find things in here

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I'll add my "welcome" to the one posted a little while ago by my colleague Becky Gray in the communities library. Photo15_2014.jpgMy name is Beverly Brown and I'll be looking after this board with her. Pleased to meet you (digitally.)


Our job is to make sure this community meets your needs, whether you're new to SAS Certification or are an experienced veteran adding a new credential. Here are some resources to acquaint you with the SAS Support Communities in general and this board in particular:


Wondering whether it’s worth the effort to become SAS Certified? Meet Love Bisht and Hardi Gokani. They describe what happened during and after the process of achieving certification in an article I wrote, SAS Certification sets up University Edition users for success.


Welcome! We're glad you're here.

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