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8 Tips for Taking a SAS Certification Exam

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8 Tips for Taking a SAS Certification Exam

The most frequently asked question we receive in SAS Global Certification is: How do I best prepare to take an exam?   There is not one right way to prepare to challenge one of our exams but there are some recommended tips you can follow.  Check out Matt Scicchitano's recent blog in the SAS Learning Post to see his top tips for preparation options, steps and recommendations that should help to improve your chances for success.


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Re: 8 Tips for Taking a SAS Certification Exam

I have repeatedly offered the following advice when asked about preparing for SAS Certification exams:

  • Each exam has recommended SAS training courses.
  • You may or may not elect to undertake the SAS training
  • Regardless, use the SAS training course agenda as a "shopping list" of knowledge required.
  • If you can tick most of the items on the list, you probably have acquired the knowledge to pass the Certification exam.
  • If not, then you now have a list of what to skill up on - whether that be done by undertaking the training, self-study, or hands-on experience.
  • (And, yes, my SAS experience includes as a SAS trainer, so my plan of attack is biased..)
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