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#saschat - Job opportunities, skills needed in the analytics economy

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#saschat - Job opportunities, skills needed in the analytics economy

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If you missed the #SASchat (details below), we captured the highlights via Twitter Moments. Hit the orange button and see what was said! 

#SASchat Rewind


Active on Twitter? Ever been part of a Twitter chat? It's an online conversation with experts you might never meet in person -- and we're hosting one today at 9:00AM ET, 3:00PM CET and 2:00PM UK.


The topic: modern skills in the analytics economy and the roles of IT, business and data science. SAS' Mike Blanchard, with almost two decades of experience in high-tech customer-relationship management, gives more details in this blog post. Hope you'll join us!


How a #SASchat works

All you need to participate is a Twitter account and wisdom to share or curiosity about the topic.

Discussion will last an hour. Tune in at the beginning so you don't miss anything!


Below are today's questions:

Q1: What are your favorite examples of embedding analytics in business roles?
Q2: How do IT, business and data science roles support each other?
Q3: Why are soft skills becoming more critical?
Q4: How are universities adapting courses to meet these new demands?
Q5: What is the role of mentoring in creating a sustainable data science capability?
Q6: Which data science staff retention strategies have you seen work?


How do I participate?

  1. Search #saschat on Twitter to find the discussion.
  2. Answer when the moderator asks a question. (Or lurk, that's OK too.)
  3. When you reply, key your post to the question. For example, if you're answering Question 5, preface your answer with A5 -- as in, "A5: Unlimited supplies of coffee and M&Ms would be a great retention strategy for data scientists."
  4. Don't forget to add the #saschathashtag to your post.


If you see this post too late to participate, check back here later. I’ll post a recap of the discussion.


See you on Twitter!


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