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problems with SAS University Edition

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problems with SAS University Edition

Good Morning. I got the download of vApps SAS University Edition and I used by VMware Player

Everything worked properly until I updated Windows 8.1.

Since that time I do not get the most from VMware Player the correct IP address in order to work on SAS University Edition.

I attach the screen showing:

"You can connect to your SAS University Software by entering this address into your browser":

http: // :: 1

but this address is not valid! even the URL http://localhost:10080/ is not good

Thank you for helping me.

Immagine in linea 1

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Re: problems with SAS University Edition

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i am facing a similar problem

weree you able to get hold of any solution

i too am using windows 8.1, sas student edition

after i power on the vmware and initialise sas it shows me to log in http://1

kindly do respond to this query

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Re: problems with SAS University Edition

Learned today that several things may be coming into play. Best way to proceed is to open a ticket with technical support by emailing SASAnalyticsU@sas.com.

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