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problem with ods on SAS UE

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problem with ods on SAS UE

i am running the follwing code:

filename hw "C:/Users/admin/Desktop/SASUniversityEdition/myfolders/STAT586";
ods rtf path=hw file="hw.rtf";


I get the following error:


Physical file does not exist, /‌opt/‌sasinside/‌SASConfig/‌Lev1/‌SASApp/‌C:/‌Users/‌admin/‌Desktop/‌SASUniversityEdition/‌myfolders/‌STAT586

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Re: problem with ods on SAS UE

SAS UE is on a VM, which is similar to working with a remote computer. The VM is unix, so it requires a unix style path, as well as a 'shortcut' reference.  You reference the shared 'myfolders' with:


filename hw "/folders/myfolders/STAT586";
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