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ods listing output in sas university edition

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ods listing output in sas university edition

i am using sas university edition for the base prep guide exercise, it dosen't work on 'ods listing . for example, when i input folloing "ods listing; options nonumber nodate; proc print data=sasuser.admit; var id sex age height weight; where age>=30; run; options date;  proc freq data=sasuser.diabetes; where fastgluc>=300; tables sex; proc print data=sasuser.diabetes; run; ods listing close;' the result is different from the book, there are only HTLM output.

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Re: ods listing output in sas university edition

You can create ODS LISTING to a file if you require, and then externally open that file.

Otherwise, SAS UE does not really support listing as a destination. Regardless, your numbers should be the same which is the key thing you should understand.

ods listing file='/folders/myfolders/sample.lst';

ods listing close;

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