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localhost:10080 unable to connect

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localhost:10080 unable to connect

For two days until now and I can not access to localhost:10080 and every time I got this message localhost:10080 unable to connect

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Re: localhost:10080 unable to connect

Please give us more details. What exact operating system are you running on? What Virtualization? Was it running before? Did you do updates to the system? Can you provide any log files? Can you produce screenshots of your steps?


Best regards!

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Re: localhost:10080 unable to connect

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Sorry for delaying respond, I was outside the city,

No, the problem not solved

The details is Windows 7 64bits, Oracle VM VirtualBox, Yes-was running excellent until got notification of new update are available. I downloaded it and when I went to update, it showed that the update had been failed and transferred me to screen saying localhost:10080 unable to connect.


Thanks so much for your help

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Re: localhost:10080 unable to connect

Updates very often cause problems - try deleting your VM, re-download SAS UE and install it again. You shouldn't lose any work doing this.

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Re: localhost:10080 unable to connect

Hello @megahed,


I think we would need additional details. The port you refer to, it seems related to SAS University Edition, not to SAS WRS.

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Re: localhost:10080 unable to connect

1. Restart your VM and see if that works

2. Make sure your VM is still running


If those don't work, please provide more details, such as 


Your Operating System

Your virtualization software, Oracle VirtualBox or VMWare for example

Details of when this started and what may have changed before, ie a windows or Mac update?

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