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#lifelearner: What are you learning or teaching now?

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#lifelearner: What are you learning or teaching now?

Lifelong learning celebrated at SAS Global Forum.jpgReply to this post with your answer. Willing to share a picture? Use the "Insert Image" button! 


What's this all about? Learning matters!

By sharing a bit of your professional journey, you'll help us celebrate lifelong learning at SAS Global Forum next week. 


Our talented illustrator @LisaMorton will capture your responses in an impressive mural at the conference. Not going? No problem. You can still participate. I'll post pictures of the finished mural 


We've already received fascinating responses to yesterday's question, "What was your first job, and what's your job now?" 


In the SAS Global Forum board, we learn that SAS communities Super User @MichelleHomes started at a fragrance  counter@falcon69 delivered morning newspapers in Bangor, Maine@ccarel plowed and harvested fields with a tractor. And @ptimusk painted houses.


In this community, @LaurieF's post reveals noteworthy consistency, a career as computer operator since 1976@ballardw got his start as a military interrogator.




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Re: #lifelearner: What are you learning or teaching now?

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I'd like to stress that I haven't been an operator (is there still such a job?) since 1978. My job grade went up to 022-102 (junior programmer) in 1979 - it's programming, or development as we now call it, which became and remained my sole career. There's no money in baroque and renaissance singing, sadly…

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