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infile command problems using SAS on demand

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infile command problems using SAS on demand

Hello, my name is Shae and I am a university student using SAS on demand. I am having problems using the infile command to read a file from my computer. I get an error message back stating that the physical location for the file does not exist. Is this an issue because I am using SAS on demand? My professor is able to use the same code that I have written on his desktop version of SAS and pull in the file successfully. Any thoughts/suggestions on what I can do?


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Re: infile command problems using SAS on demand

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1. Post your code and log

2. Did you upload your file to the server and then find the correct path by right clicking the file and selecting properties?

3. Another common issue, AoD uses a unix based OS, but it's likely your professor is using a desktop version (which you can download as well, see SAS Analytics U) which means you may have to modify your INFILE statement using the TERMSTR option. 


We'll likely be able to say what you need to do once you post the code and log. 

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