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how to solve this error

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how to solve this error

ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access /opt/sasinside/SASConfig/Lev1/SASApp/sashtml2.htm.

ERROR: Fatal ODS error has occurred. Unable to continue processing this output destination.

ERROR: File WORK.RANDTRT.DATA does not exist.

ERROR: No body file. HTML output will not be created.

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Re: how to solve this error

Your ODS RTF and ODS HTML destinations need a file specification.

Assuming you've set up your shared folders and myfolders appropriately as per the setup instructions this should work:

ODS RTF '/folders/myfolders/sample.rtf';

ODS HTML '/folder/myfolders/sample.html';

A bit of bad design with SAS UE if you ask me, it should default to this location, rather to a inaccessible location, but its part of running SAS on a locked down VM.

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