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how to run simlin procedur

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how to run simlin procedur

can you help me..
how to run the procedure SIMLIN to perform multiplier analysis with panel data as well as the classic assumption test, to see the interim multiplier and total multiplier ..
with simultaneous equations

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Re: how to run simlin procedur

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Hi @didibareo, to help your community peers help you, provide your data and show the code you've tried. This article, How to Get Fast, Helpful Answers, has other tips. (By the way, SIMLIN is not part of University Edition, but these SAS/ETS procedures are: TIMEDATA, TIMESERIES, ARIMA, ESM, UCM and TIMEID.)


Many participants in this community are college students. If you are also a student, you may want to ask your professor or teaching assistant for more direction on using PROC SIMLIN.

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