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connection refused

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connection refused

When I try to START my SAS studio university edition, this message pops up

The application could not log on to the server "localhost:8591". No server is available at that port on that machine. Connection refused

I am doing everything the same as I was doing 2 months ago to log in and work in sas but for some reason, it isn't working anymore.

Please help!


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Re: connection refused

Is your VM running? Try restarting it.

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Re: connection refused

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​Yes my Virtual box is running and I tried restarting it many times... no luck

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Re: connection refused

I'm assuming you are running SAS University Edition on your local Windows workstation? If not, could you give more specifics about your setup so we can better help you?


Check your computer's Proxy Server settings in your LAN properties. I had similar issues a few months ago. Once I turned off the proxy server, it could find the (local) VM (although as a consequence I could not browse the internet til I reset my Proxy Server settings).

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