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cannot create shared fold under vitualBox

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cannot create shared fold under vitualBox


From other discussion happened in the community, i got to the know the reason why i'm getting "physical files does not exist" type of error, and i realized that i haven't created a shared folder.

Then i followed the method to create one, but it failed every time.

What i did is from VitualBOX-->setting--->shared folder--->add--->then i chose folder path as'other' and folder name 'myfolders' under SASUniversityEdition

I chose 'auto-mount' but i cannot chose 'make permanent' because i'm not allowed to click OK after that. And then i got this error msg saying cannot create shared folder. This is the how the error msg looks like, can anyone help me with this? Thanks! Really appreciated!


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Re: cannot create shared fold under vitualBox

try a diff name than myfolders

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Re: cannot create shared fold under vitualBox


  It looks like you are getting an "Already Exists" error message. If you look in Windows Explorer, is there already a structure of folders E:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders????


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Re: cannot create shared fold under vitualBox

Hi Cynthia:

Thanks for the reply!

I don't quite understand the question, there does exist E:\SASUniversityEdition\myfolders, this is the folder created by the software when i install the virtual box to use SASUniversity, and i have been saving my codes under this file.

Can you advise me what i can do here?


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Re: cannot create shared fold under vitualBox

Hi Cynthia,

I believe the 'make permanent'-option is not avaible when the virtual machine is running. Did you try this with SAS-University-Edition running?
If yes, can you try to shutdown or power off the "SAS University Edition" and then add or edit the shared folders so that myfolders is a permanent shared folder?

Regards, Jos

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