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Whittaker function

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Whittaker function

Hello,I am a user for SAS version 9.2 and I would like to know how to apply “Whittaker function” or “confluent hypergeometric function” using the software?
Thank you

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Re: Whittaker function

Hello @Yusra,


I don't think these special functions are readily available in common SAS modules, let alone in Base SAS.


So, one way to obtain values of these functions would be to let SAS call external software (e.g. a computer algebra system which has these functions implemented) and retrieve the results computed by that software.


Alternatively, one could try and implement these functions in SAS. A web search for "confluent hypergeometric function" "SAS" reveals that this has been done already:

The site http://samplesizeshop.org/software-downloads/other/ contains a download link to (fairly old) SAS/IML code for that purpose. A description of the methods used is available in K. E. Muller, Computing the Confluent Hypergeometric Function, M(a,b,x), 1998.

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Re: Whittaker function

Thank you for your promote reply, can you provide me with the exact code function in the software

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Re: Whittaker function

Not sure what you mean by "the exact code function in the software."


Your next steps should be:

  1. Check if SAS/IML is available in your SAS version. For example, submit the following code
    proc iml;
    and make sure that the log does not contain the error message
    ERROR: Procedure IML not found.
  2. Download and extract the file confluent.zip (see links in my previous post).
  3. Read and follow the instructions (there is a README file enclosed in the .zip file).
  4. Test the software: run EXAMPLE1.SAS and compare your results to those in EXAMPLE1.LST.
  5. If everything worked fine, use the software as appropriate and check results for plausibility.

I am neither familiar with SAS/IML nor with this special function. Since I don't have a SAS/IML license, I cannot even run this code in my SAS version.

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