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Where to get data to learn or teach SAS

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Where to get data to learn or teach SAS

To learn or teach SAS, you must have data. The Analytics U Community helps by maintaining a stash of free data sources in an article titled, Need data for teaching or learning? Get it here!


Using University Edition to learn SAS? The Free Data Friday article series not only introduces you to data sources, but also showcases ways you can use University Edition to manipulate, analyze and visualize the data.



We publish all articles about free data sources under the Analytics U label in the SAS Communities Library. Want email notifications when we add new content? Subscribe to the Analytics U label by:


  • Clicking "Find A Community" in the right nav.
  • Selecting SAS Communities Library at the bottom of the list
  • In the Labels box in the right nav, click Analytics U.

Know of a great data source? Tell us about it in the comments!



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