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Video tutorials to help you get started with SAS University Edition

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Video tutorials to help you get started with SAS University Edition

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If you're new to SAS University Edition, use these video tutorials (in the order listed) from SAS Technical Support to get started:


1. Getting Started with the SAS University Edition vApp


2. How to Enable Virtualization for SAS University Edition


3. How to Set Up Shared Folders for SAS University Edition


4. How to Connect to SAS Studio with SAS University Edition


Two things:

  1. Now that you're up and running, you're set to begin learning SAS. Consider getting Sharon Jones' book, A Recipe for Success Using SAS University Edition: How to Plan Your First Analytics Project.
  2. If your first project entails importing an Excel file into University Edition, use this video, which shows you how to import this data using code snippets.



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