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Version question

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Version question

Hello . . . I have never used SAS, so I am really unfamiliar with it. When I was installing the University Edition, I saw 2 choices. One that said you could run SAS locally with no Internet connection needed and the other was to use the cloud. I took the first one. Now, installation seemed to go fine. But, when I signed in for the first time, I was told to enter http;//  . . . .

My question: if I am running the local version, why am I entering an internet address? I am really keen about not using my quota by having to use a version that requires an internet connection.

Many thanks to anyone who can clarify this for me. KC

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Re: Version question

Hi Katie101,

When you install SAS University Edition locally, you need some type of virtualization software (such as VMware Player or VirtualBox) to run the software.  The URL that appears is for the virtualization software that is running on your local machine.  You need a way to connect to the University Edition image that you loaded into your virtual player.

For more information, see How do I run the SAS University vApp in VMware Player or VMware Fusion?.  I hope that helps!


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Re: Version question

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the info. I did install the VMware Player. Also, thank you for the link. I appreciate the quick turnaround. Needless to say, I am very excited to try my hand at SAS. This is such a great opportunity for people who would not otherwise have access to the program.

Best wishes,


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