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Unable to open .sas7bdat file

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Unable to open .sas7bdat file


i was just started learning sas university edition 

and i downloaded a sas file from google 

and i was trying uploading it in sas studio "localhost:10080"

and it is showing openning a file and stuck there 

its not working anymore i tried deleting the file from original directory and tried uninstalling sas too

but hard luck............its stuck there only and i am helpless i cant do anything 

plz help............

or mail me on connectingjonty@hotmail.com

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Re: Unable to open .sas7bdat file

When you set up the virtual machine for SAS UE, you defined a "shared folder" that is one of the communication paths between the VM and your PC (the other is TCP/IP port 10080, of course)

This appears (if you did everything according to the documentation) as /folders/myfolder in the VM (SAS Studio).

If you put your .sas7bdat in the PC-side location of the shared folder (you defined that when you set up the VM), and define a library for /folders/myfolder with a libname statement, you will see the dataset appear in the newly defined library.

Be aware that SAS datasets can be specific to a certain environment and may therefore appear as "damaged" if the environments (in terms of operating system, CPU hardware and byteness) don't fit.



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Re: Unable to open .sas7bdat file

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Just to reiterate what @KurtBremser said, you shouldn't need to upload a file if you've defined a Shared Folder, @jonty



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