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Solved : Getting SAS University to run on AMD Ryzen chips

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Solved : Getting SAS University to run on AMD Ryzen chips

I just got a new AMD Ryzen machine and went to install SAS University. There were several problems and this post describes the solutions that allow AMD Ryzen chips (and maybe other AMD chips) to run. This took me a few hours of sleuthing to resolve.


This should be generally applicable to all AMD products using the Radeon software to interact with the BIOS settings  Find how to enter your BIOS if you don't know how.


This is what worked on MY machine -- your machine may different.


I am running a Ryzen 1700X chip on an MSI B350M motherboard running the latest AMD Radeon release as of post date. OS is Windows 10 with 16GB memory.


Download and installation of the Oracle VM software and SAS University package was trouble free.


Upon starting the software I received this error :

"Failed to open a session for virtual machine
Vt_x is disabled in the BIOS"


You can read about this error online but basically it comes down to enabling "virtual terminal" or "VT_x" in your machine by using the BIOS interface. The trick was how to do this for the AMD machine.


On the RADEON BIOS interface choose the "OC" (Overclocking) button feature. No, no overclocking is done but this is where the setting needed is located. Choose "CPU Features" and then scroll/choose SVM (Secure Virtual Mode). Set this to "ENABLED". Then save and exit, I rebooted. Took forever to figure that out, I wonder why.


I go start SAS University and it looks like it will run and then this message comes up:


"X86-64 CPU required but i686 cpu detected".


More online searching gives me this solution:


-Click on the SAS ICON in the VM panel. Select SETTINGS/General and the locate the pulldown VERSION box. This needs to be set to "Red Hat 64 Bit". Save.


Now SAS University should run and allow connection to internet 


Again, this may be a bit different in your machine. I hope this shortens someone else's  frustration on getting AMD chips working, quite a few people seemed to be having this problem..

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