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SAS university app

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SAS university app



I just installed SAS University Edition on my pc but I am new using this kind of app, I need to know if there is a tutorial or some manual that I can use for get some knowledge about this app, or if you have a channel on YouTube that can help me please give me the name


Thank you

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Re: SAS university app

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Google's actually pretty good at this Smiley Wink


Here's the link to the SAS Analytics U home page. See the right hand side for resources. 

Free resources include a SAS e-course, which includes a introduction to programming in SAS and an introduction to Statistics in SAS covering topics such as anova, t-tests, linear regression analysis and logistic regression analysis.


There's a youtube channel of video's on there as well. 


If you check the forum for posts from @DarthPathos, you'll see a set of tutorials based on using SAS UE. 


Additionally, available for purchase, is a learning guide to SAS using SAS UE.  



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Re: SAS university app

Hi @MelvinMartinez, here's a link to all of @DarthPathos' Free Data Friday articles. Each Friday, he singles out one open data set and demonstrates a way to analyze it with University Edition. This article, "Need data for teaching or learning? Get it here!", contains a nice stash of open data sets. Thank you for giving SAS University Edition a try!

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Re: SAS university app

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Thank you @BeverlyBrown I just see your suggestion and I will check this afternoon the sites that you suggest me.

I will let you know which of they was suitable to my situation

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