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SAS training

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SAS training

I am review training videos on SAS website and youtube. These training videos keep refering to training files located in

Myfolders, sasuserv.94 folder. I have the folder, but there are no files within this folder to complete the training modules.


Where are these files.

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Re: SAS training


  How you get data depends on what content you are viewing. For our free tutorials, we intend for you to use your own data or data from your professors or data from the SASHELP library. I am not sure what data you are seeing in the YouTube videos -- if the YouTube video is a copy of our free tutorials (on our SAS Channel), then again, we do not provide data for these tutorials. If the YouTube video was produced by someone else, I can't tell you where they got their data or whether they intended for you to replicate their video.


  If you follow any of our training classes, (which are different from the tutorials) such as our free Programming 1 or Statistics 1 e-learning classes, each of those classes has specific instructions for how to run a program that makes the data files used in the class. For all of our e-learning classes, we give you a way to either download or make the data. For the free tutorials, we do not provide data because we intend for you to use your own data.


  In addition to the automatic SASHELP data, if you look in the documentation, most of the documentation examples either use SASHELP files or have a program that makes the data or directs you to a location where you can find the data (for example, when the example uses publicly available study data.)


  I hope this explains how to get data to practice with.



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Re: SAS training

Hi @shephs04, the SAS Communities Library has articles with links to lots of publicly available data sources and instructions for how to access and analyze the data. Here's a link that aggregates a search on the library tag "data for learning." Let me know if this is helpful. 

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