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SAS on demand assignment

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SAS on demand assignment

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Yes, I need help with some homework. Every time i run the code its coming up invalid. Could I please get some help.



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Re: SAS on demand assignment

Yes, but this isn't how you ask for help. You need to provide details of your question and show what you've tried so far, showing what you've tried is especially important for homework questions otherwise it's unlikely to get a response.  


Ideally, you should show what you have, what you want, the logic to get there in plain language and what you've tried so far. 

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Re: SAS on demand assignment

Which code? I see none.

Please follow the instructions on how to post questions. It's not rocket science.

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Re: SAS on demand assignment

This link tells you all you need to know about how to ask a question which gets a quick response https://communities.sas.com/t5/Getting-Started/How-to-get-fast-helpful-answers/ta-p/226133

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