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SAS on AWS not free

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SAS on AWS not free


I signed up for SAS UE on AWS last year using the free tier. A year later I find that its not free anymore. Apparently its free only for the first 12 months. Seems to be false advertising IMO.


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Re: SAS on AWS not free

The SAS software is free.  However, Amazon can charge usage fees -- which usually do not kick in until after 12 months.  From the SAS web site:




For a no-fee alternative, you can download SAS University Edition and run in a local VM.  Easily learn and practice with your own data, and no internet connection is needed after you download/install.


Or you can use SAS OnDemand for Academics as an independent learner -- that is hosted by SAS, no fees.  There are special processes for uploading your own data -- and of course an internet connection is necessary to access (as it is for AWS).

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