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SAS eLearning resumes normal operation

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SAS eLearning resumes normal operation

Hi everyone,


If you have experienced problems accessing some SAS eLearning courses, there's good news. Here's the word from @Cynthia_sas re: operating status:


Thank you for your patience while we isolated and fixed the issue with  some of our SAS eLearning.  We are happy to report that all eLearning is now working and tracking progress.  Before attempting to go back into your eLearning course, we recommend the following:

  1. Log out of your SAS Profile
  2. Close your browser
  3. Click this link – https://support.sas.com/edu/viewmyelearn.html  and, if prompted, sign into your Profile
  4. Click on the course title to resume progress

Post a comment below if you continue to experience any trouble.

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