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SAS access to ODBC

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SAS access to ODBC


I am new to this community so please let me know if this is a stupid question. I have SAS university edition installed. I understand that the unversity edition does not list ACCESS to ODBC as an incluced product. But when I do a proc setinit it said it is included. Does it mean I can connect my university edition of SAS to my MYSQL database? If yes, can anyone show me how to do it?


Raymond Wan

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Re: SAS access to ODBC

Not a stupid question at all!  SAS/ACCESS to ODBC is not included in University Edition and the PROC SETINIT output is a bit misleading.  We actually would love to include the functionality but have some issues including the necessary drivers in the Linux VM that SAS is delivered in.  It's on the wish list and it helps to know that folks are interested.  If there are other use cases out there, please let us know.

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Re: SAS access to ODBC


Thinking around the limitations, here is a possible solution you might be able to try.

1 - Use Excel on Windows to link to your MySQL Tables using ODBC.

2 - Use SAS University Edition to Import the Excel sheets you defined in step 1. (SAS/ACCESS to PC File Format)

If this works, then it will give you access to the data, but all the processing would take place in SAS! Not exactly equivalent to using SAS/ACCESS to ODBC, but better than nothing.

Just a thought,


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