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SAS University Edition-shared folder problem.

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SAS University Edition-shared folder problem.

Hello Everyone !! I'm new to the SAS environment and have been using and learning SAS University Edition for 1 week. I am using VMware software for virtualisation. During installation I didn't make the shared folder as per the exact name "SASUniversityEdition/myfolders" and chose a different name. I added that folder in VMware shared folder in Virtual Machine Settings. Now whenever I login to SAS Studio, it says that a shared folder was not found. I was learning how to make new SAS libraries by "libname" statement but again that involved the use of that shared folder. What's worse is I can't change that added folder in the VMware settings anymore as the one I added seems permanent and there is no more an "Add" option coming just below so that I could just add exactly the same shared folder as mentioned during installation. I have also attached a snapshot of my problem.Please advise what measures,if any,I can take now to correct this.


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Re: SAS University Edition-shared folder problem.

From the screen shot, it looks like you've named your shared folder SAS UE F......  Is that correct?  This note from the documentation might explain your problem:

The name of the shared folder is case sensitive and should not include any spaces.  If you use a network folder, do not include a backslash (\) in the name of the shared folder.

Can you try removing the spaces from the name and see if it works?

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Re: SAS University Edition-shared folder problem.

Try starting up your VM and then changing your Shared Folders.

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