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SAS University Edition just keeps Loading...

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SAS University Edition just keeps Loading...

I'm having trouble starting SAS University Edition although it used to start normally.


I use Linux Mint Debian edition, 64-bit version and Oracle Virtual Box 4.3.28r100309


I can click on Start SAS Studio and it goes to the Loading page with the funky semi-circles rotating and just hangs there.


Any ideas on what might be wrong and how I can get this working again?



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Re: SAS University Edition just keeps Loading...

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Hi sassafraz,


When running your desktop/laptop can you check how much RAM and CPU is already in use before you start Oracle Virtual Box and then once you load Virtual Box plus SAS University Edition make a note of the amount of CPU and RAM being used. It may be that your desktop/laptop is running low on resources. Also does the problem occur when you are connected to the internet and when you are not connected? Also what else (if anything) has changed on your desktop/laptop since you last used SAS University Edition?



There are some additional SAS Notes here which may prove useful: http://support.sas.com/kb/?rf=4&ct=51000&la=en&qm=1&col=suppprd&ct=51000&qt=university+edition


Cheers, Simon


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