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SAS University Edition is Failing to Start on VBOX

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SAS University Edition is Failing to Start on VBOX

Hi All,


Greetings. I am very new to SAS and am facing a weird issue. I have VBOX on which my SAS university edition was running fine. All of a sudden, its failing to start now. 


I have already tried removing the .ova file and reimporting it but could not succeed. I also tried my hands on re-installing the VBOX but little did that help. 


I am attaching the screenshot of the issue I am facing. Kindly request your help. 


VBOX version - 5.1.10

vApp - have tried both 9411006 and 9411008.


After the attached error appears, the logs continue after a couple of mins and finally also make it to the final screen stating the session had successfully started. 


Infact, when I hit the localhost URL, I am also shown the SAS information centre. But, when I start the application, nothing happens.


Please guide further.  

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Re: SAS University Edition is Failing to Start on VBOX

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Hi, @arjunrockster. As you probably know, the VM is and should be a bit of a black box to the host OS and to us, the users. I've seldom seen problems that persisted with a new import. I assume there's no disk space issue.


If you want to contact SAS Technical Support or send email to support@sas.com, it would be interesting to take a look. 


Alternatively, you could change the location of your VMs (this is done in the Preferences menu) just in the off chance that there are file remnants of the earlier problem. (I'm probably just being superstitious about that! :-) )



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