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SAS University Edition and Microsoft Edge

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SAS University Edition and Microsoft Edge

I have 3 questions.


1.  Does SAS University Edition SAS Programmer work with Microsoft Edge?  I tried using Edge because SAS University Edition doesn't appear to work well with Chrome.  Nothing happens when I select the start SAS button at http://localhost:10080. 


2. Can you cut and paste code from the SAS Studio editor to Notepad?  I cannot get it to work if so.


3.  I cannot get the attached program to display correctly.  It only prints 3 observations and some of the variable displays are truncated or missing.  Why is this happening?



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Re: SAS University Edition and Microsoft Edge

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1. Last time I checked Edge was no supported. I use Chrome and have no issues, what issues are you experiencing?

2. Yes, you may need to click the editor to make sure you're in that frame or try the Copy/Paste from the menu. 

3. You're reading in the file in a fixed column width format. If you copied and pasted this code it may not align as you expect and/or there are invisible characters mucking about. Either type it it out manually to confirm or paste in a text editor and look for non printable characters.

Also, if you say a section of code isn't working, please include the log in the future. Additionally, post code as text not as an image if you need assistance with code, which isn't an issue in this particular example except if I wanted to run it to see if any errors were generated.


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Re: SAS University Edition and Microsoft Edge

Hi, @pashaskins. In addition to Reeza's helpful info, I can confirm to you that there's an issue with Chrome that affects aspects of SAS Studio, including sub-menu operation and cutting and pasting. SAS is preparing a fix for this, but please use Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer for now with SAS Studio. And, indeed, Edge isn't supported with SAS University Edition.


Thank you!


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