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SAS UE - connect to Postgres DB

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SAS UE - connect to Postgres DB

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I am trying to use SAS University edition through AWS to connect to postgres db. Is this possible and if so, any gidance on how to install the interface to postgres. 


I ran this command with my appropriate db credentials


libname A1 postgres server=mysrv1 port=5432 
   user=myusr1 password='mypwd1' database=mydb1;


It says that SAS/ACCESS Interface to PostgreSQL isn't installed.


Support pages reference that the interface must be installed and see SAS and DBMS installation instructions but don't link to the info on how to install?




Installation Requirements

Before you use any SAS/ACCESS features, you must install Base SAS, the SAS/ACCESS interface for the DBMS that you are accessing, and any required DBMS client software. See SAS installation instructions and DBMS client installation instructions for more information.
Not all SAS/ACCESS interfaces support all features. See the DBMS-specific reference section for your SAS/ACCESS interface to determine which features are supported in your environment.
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Re: Postgres university edition

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SAS University Edition is intended as a "how to learn to use SAS" program. As such it does NOT have every feature of the paid for versions. One of which is use of SAS/Access to most data file formats. If you need to connect to Postgre then you need SAS/ACCESS installed in a paid version of Base SAS or one of the server versions.


For limited access you could use Postgre tools to export a CSV file and then import that into SAS.

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Re: Postgres university edition

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It definitely isn't possible using the AWS version. 

Theres a hack for the desktop version - search on here for it. I believe the post is via KSharp. 

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