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SAS Studio error on AWS Marketplace

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SAS Studio error on AWS Marketplace

I have tried to setup SAS University Edition by the URL from sas.com.




I have setup the EC2 instance and launched.

It shows the welcome page after login.

Then, I click the "Start SAS Studio" button.

However, the next page shows "An unexpected error occurred. If this problem persists try clearing your browser cookies."


I have tried to use Google Chrome, IE and Edge but also the same.


I also tried to setup EC2 instance with some pre-installed AMI on AWS EC2.


SAS University Edition 2.3.1 (4e490305)-1e9e301d-41db-44f1-818c-873740e769b8-ami-14ca2679.3


However, it stills show the same error.

Highly appreciate if there is any way to fix it.

(*** In the AWS environment, I cannto ocnfigure SAS in OS level so I can only follow the steps to setup.)


Thank a lot

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Re: SAS Studio error on AWS Marketplace

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AWS costs money after the first year. 

You can use SAS Academics on Demand -> Independent Learners -> free of charge and much easier set up. 




For an error like this you probably need need to contact support@sas.com and they can help you out. Or the SAS team will respond tomorrow on US hours 😄


Good Luck and welcome to SAS. 

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