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SAS Studio Mail Results Issue.

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SAS Studio Mail Results Issue.

Hi ,

   I am  using the SAS Studio offered with the SAS Ondemand for Academics .  I am trying to use the Mail Results functionality in the Results tab of the SAS Studio . I type the below simple SAS Program in the Codetab of the SAS Studio :

Proc Print data=Sashelp.Class;

Then i run this code  in the SAS Studio , once done i go the Results tab and  choose Mail Results , fill in the details in the Send Email window which pops up and enter my Email address : xxxxx@gmail.com. I hit Send but i do not receive any Mail.Not even in my Spam folder. I have tried this with al 3 browsers IE 11, Firefox 31 and Chrome 37.
I contacted SAS Support and was told everything is fine with the Software and the above functionality works as expected when Support person tried it on his/her machine. I was told to post my Issue in this Forum.

Am i doing anything wrong or is there any issue with the Mail Results Functionality of the SAS Studio? Please see the attached Screenshot showing the Send Email Window.
Can anyone check this  and let me know?



SAS Stuido Screenshot.png
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Re: SAS Studio Mail Results Issue.


I hope you have found the solution already.  I suspect it is in the configuration of the mailhost.  Check the administrators guide, http://support.sas.com/documentation/cdl/en/webeditorag/67429/PDF/default/webeditorag.pdf

Some installations block individual users from access to the smtp gateway.  I've had that happen to me at Duke; no error message, just no results.  If it happens to you, you may need your gateway administrator to address it.

Doc Muhlbaier


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Re: SAS Studio Mail Results Issue.

Thanks for your Response. I had referred this Issue to SAS Tech Support and they told me that this being Learning SAS on Cloud Software, this particular functionality of Mailing is RESTRICTED.

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Re: SAS Studio Mail Results Issue.

Pchegoor it is educational version. Your experience is showing SAS has limited a lot of functionality for some (yes why ?) reason.

That is more a market following situation as they had to with all open source and other competitors offering those tools as learning or even (limited) home use for free.

Also SAS institute is learning how the market is changing and it is changing fast. Let us hope they open up more  in the next UE version if they continue with that.

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