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SAS Programmer Tutorial Lesson 3 Practise UE

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SAS Programmer Tutorial Lesson 3 Practise UE



I'm new to SAS. On Lesson 3 of the tutorial (Base Programmer e-learning course) - I can not get the first practise data to load. I defined the orion library but do not understand where the location of the file path would be in order to name the orion file (libname orion 'filepath'Smiley Wink and associate it with a library - in order to run the command below....Any help would be great!

proc contents data=orion._all_;


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Re: SAS Programmer Tutorial Lesson 3 Practise UE

It's what you did when you first set up the Orion library in step 1 of the course.


Did you save that code? If you did the path defined there is the one you would use. 


Most likely it's under /folders/myfolders/some_folder name here?


You can navigate to it under Files and Folders window and if you right click and select properties you'll see the path. 

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Re: SAS Programmer Tutorial Lesson 3 Practise UE

In the Programming 1 e-learning Course Overview section, when you are using the University Edition, we tell you in Task 1 of the instructions to make a folder called ecprg193 in your shared folder location. That means you should submit these 2 statements:
%let path=/folders/myfolders/ecprg193;
libname orion "&path";
you would issue a simple LIBNAME statement like:
libname orion '/folders/myfolders/ecprg193';

But, making the filename was only one part of what you needed to do. You also needed to RUN the program in the instructions to make the data.

Of course if you did NOT create a folder called ecprg193, but used a different name, then your LIBNAME statement would be different from what I showed.

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Re: SAS Programmer Tutorial Lesson 3 Practise UE

Thanks everyone - very helpful and I continued working!

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