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SAS Interface to SAP BW

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SAS Interface to SAP BW


    I'm working on a project where in I need to extract the data from SAP BW which is in the form of cubes.Though,I see that there is SAS Interface to R3,I'm not able to trace as in how to connect to SAP BW.As we have got instructions from the client not to touch the R3 or BW environment internally,I would like to know the possible alternatives of establishing connectivity with SAP BW from SAS.

(FYI,I found information about SAP Open Hub Service and APD which needs to get inside BW environment for set up and hence doesn't serve my purpose completely)



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Re: SAS Interface to SAP BW

First, what kind of license do you have? Didn't think that SAP Data Surveyor was available in the Analytics U edition.

Another option could be using OLE DB for OLAP, but then you will have less help from SAP BW metadata.

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