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SAS EM (student edition) not able to retrieve saved projects

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SAS EM (student edition) not able to retrieve saved projects


I just installed version 14.2 of SAS EM and realised I could not retrieve the projects I had done in the version 14.1. Also, after spending a whole night working on a project, I woke up this morning and relaunched SAS EM only to realize it could not retrieve the projects I had done.


Is this a weakness of SAS EM 14.2?


How do I find my projects?


Do I always need to launch SAS EM 14.2 from the dashboard, which means I always have to download a new SAS EM everytime I want to launch it? (I tried loading a downloaded SAS EM14.2 icon and it would not launch. Was also adviced by a SAS employee to load from the dashboard).



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Re: SAS EM (student edition) not able to retrieve saved projects

Hello, @frupaul!


I do not believe this is necessarily related to the update to SAS Enterprise Miner 14.2. Also, it's a best practice to use a new jnlp file, but it isn't always necessary. For example, some users have issues downloading it because of their anti-virus software, so they can create a desktop shortcut.


When you log into SAS Studio, are you able to see your project folders? If not, have you traveled recently or used your computer on another network? Data for SAS OnDemand for Academics users is stored on SAS servers based on your region. This can mean if you travel to another country that uses a different server and try to access your work, you'll be connected to SAS OnDemand for Academics but not necessarily the server with your data.


I do show that you have about 3.7GB of data on the Ireland server, so you should be able to access your projects. Please try clearing your DNS cache by entering "ipconfig /flushdns" into the command prompt and then logging back into the control center and launching SAS Enterprise Miner.


If you are still experiencing an issue with accessing your data, please email support@sas.com for additional assistance.


Hope this helps!



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