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Earlier we were using SAS 9.4 for our task, but all of our task is now shifting to SAS EG server based.

Everything is running smoothly, except I am getting this error


ERROR: Insufficient authorization to access D:\sas94\prod\config_compute\Lev1\BatchApp_ADC\mwcmd.dat.


Actually we were using client specific code to print result directly into MS word file, but now its not working.


Can any one have solution for that?



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Re: SAS EG and DDE

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The error would indicate that the process reading or writing to that file does not have the correct privileges.


Generally I would first verify that the path is where the expected file is intended to be processed. Note that the path is going to be treated as relative to the server and if the server session doesn't have the correct permissions this might happen.


Your question title with "DDE" and the comment "Actually we were using client specific code to print result directly into MS word file, but now its not working." leads to:

"its not working" is awful vague.

Are there errors in the log?: Post the code and log in a code box opened with the {i} to maintain formatting of error messages.

No output? Post any log in a code box.

Unexpected output? Provide input data in the form of a dataset, the actual results and the expected results. Data should be in the form of a data step. Instructions here: https://communities.sas.com/t5/SAS-Communities-Library/How-to-create-a-data-step-version-of-your-dat... will show how to turn an existing SAS data set into data step code that can be pasted into a forum code box using the {i} icon or attached as text to show exactly what you have and that we can test code against.


Note that as time goes on there are more and more processes that may be installed on your computers that will interfere with DDE. I know that Cisco Jabber is one. Another issue is the DDE code has to explicitly state some information about file types and code that is not very old may not be using a product id that matches your current environment (one of the reasons that DDE is fragile: almost every Office "upgrade" requires new document identifications for code).


I might look to the process writing "directly into Word" and see if it could be replaced with RTF output.

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