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SAS Back-to-School Guide available here

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SAS Back-to-School Guide available here

At SAS headquarters in Cary, NC, it's Monday. On our side of the world, many teachers and students are headed back to school today, already there or headed there soon. Maybe you heard about the study that found SAS is the most valuable career skill and you’d like to get started learning SAS. Maybe you’re new to teaching SAS. TriciaJenkins.jpg


Whatever you need to expand your knowledge and use of SAS, two blog posts by my colleague Tricia Jenkins probably has it.


Her first post, SAS Back to School Guide for Students (Faculty and Admins, too!), covers:


  • What is SAS, and what does SAS stand for?
  • How can I get access to SAS software?
  • Which operating systems do these options run on?
  • Where can I find sample data?
  • Which SAS course(s) should I start with if I’m new to SAS?
  • Are there academic discounts available? (See how you can get 50% off SAS training and certifications and 20% off books.)
  • How can I get SAS certified?
  • Why should I learn SAS or get certified?
  • How do I cite SAS?
  • Where can I find help with my SAS programs?
  • Can I attend SAS events?
  • Does SAS offer internships?
  • What other programs and recognition opportunities does SAS offer for academia?


Since you’re already in the Analytics U Community, you’re probably already have SAS. But if you know someone who wants to learn SAS, you can help them get started by sharing her second post, SAS Back to School Guide Part II: Getting access to SAS Software for teaching or learning. It covers all the options for getting SAS if you’re in academia:


Option 1: Obtain a license from your university

Option 2: SAS University Edition

Option 3: SAS OnDemand for Academics

The post also describes how to access SAS Visual Analytics and Visual Statistics through our partnership with Teradata University Network and how to acess JMP software.



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