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SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC in University Edition

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SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC in University Edition

     Dear All,

there're quite many posts here, containing logs of setinit and product_status, but I will add them to my post another time for completeness.

So, submitting

proc setinit;run;

one receives this kind of log

---Base SAS Software 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/STAT 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/IML 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/Secure 168-bit 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS/IML Studio 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS Workspace Server for Local Access 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---SAS Workspace Server for Enterprise Access 16JUN2015 (CPU A)

---High Performance Suite 

then, submitting

proc product_status;run;

one receives this kind of log

For Base SAS Software ...

  Custom version information: 9.4_M1

  Image version information: 9.04.01M1P120413

For SAS/STAT ...

  Custom version information: 13.1

For SAS/IML ...

  Custom version information: 13.1

For SAS/Secure 168-bit ...

  Custom version information: 9.4

  Image version information: 9.04.01M0P061913

For High Performance Suite ...

  Custom version information: 2.2

  Image version information: 9.04.01M0P022614

For SAS/ACCESS Interface to PC Files ...

  Custom version information: 9.4_M1

For SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC ...

  Custom version information: 9.4_M1

That means only one thing: SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC is licenced and installed for UE. After that one can submit this code:

libname test odbc;

and receive this error message

ERROR: Could not load /opt/sasinside/SASHome/SASFoundation/9.4/sasexe/sasodb (103 images loaded)

ERROR: libodbc.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

ERROR: The SAS/ACCESS Interface to ODBC cannot be loaded. The SASODB code appendage could not be loaded.

ERROR: Error in the LIBNAME statement.

As far as I understand from this document SAS/ACCESS(R) 9.3 for Relational Databases: Reference, Second Edition and GoogleSmiley Happy, this means that no ODBC driver is installed on OS where SAS is running (libodbc.so is a file of ODBC driver manager which goes in pair with any third-party ODBC driver).

How one can install an ODBC driver in UE? Or maybe some drivers are pre-installed? Or is there any other way to use SAS/ACCESS to ODBC as part of UE distribution?

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