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Repeated Measure analysis of wild data

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Repeated Measure analysis of wild data

I'm analysing chemical compositions of fruits. My experimental design was the following:


1. Random selection of 7 wild trees;
2. For each tree, random selection of 3 fruits;
3. For each fruit, chemical analysis of pulp and core (seed).


I´m in doubt wich could be the right analysis for this data given that each 3-fruit group is related because they were from same tree and the chemical composition for each pulp-core pair is related because they were from the same individual fruit.


I'm using, at first, this PROC MIXED syntax:


proc mixed data=data;
class treatment tree;
model iron = treatment;
random tree;
repeated / group=treatment;
lsmeans treatment / pdiff;


Is this the most appropriated model/syntax?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Repeated Measure analysis of wild data

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Hi @rodjunper, is your code generating error messages in the SAS log? Providing that information would help your peers help you. If you're a student and need help with experimental design, a professor or thesis advisor should be able to assist. If your employer has a SAS site license and you need specific help from Tech Support, though they wouldn't answer design and “is this appropriate”-type questions, they can answer syntax questions if you open a track by filling out this form: http://support.sas.com/ctx/supportform/createForm Best of luck!

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