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Reading CSV file dynamically into SAS DI

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Reading CSV file dynamically into SAS DI


As a part of project,I got the data in CSV file at a certain path.Now,I want to read this file dynamically into SAS DI Studio to process further.How should I design a job which runs periodically reading this file from the respective location and registers the file in SAS DI with full data initially and then incremental in later runs.

I have an idea of External file Wizard,ODBC connectivity and User written code for complex external files.But,what I want here to completely automate the process of reading file from FTP path into SAS DI by scheduling a job.

Please help.



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Re: Reading CSV file dynamically into SAS DI

With DI you are building a structure on fully specified metadata-specifications. The delivered CSV should be conform certain expectations not free formatted.
Your are scheduling a job (os script calling SAS code) in a production environment. The physical path may not be hardcoded when you implement release management

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