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Read this if you're having trouble updating SAS University Edition

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Read this if you're having trouble updating SAS University Edition

Below is a remedy and explanation @AmyP_sas posted earlier today as a comment to my article on how to get the new release of SAS University Edition. So sorry the update has been a headache for some of you! 


Apologies to all that are having issues doing an update.  Short story – if you have a problem updating, just go back to the main download page (http://www.sas.com/en_us/software/university-edition/download-software.html) & get a new file, set up the same shared folders you had before, and you should be good to go.


Longer story – several things are going on here & some have good answers & some don’t.  Since this is the first release where it actively reminds you to go get the update (pop-up when you open SAS Studio versus having to remember to go look at your Info Center), we’re getting way more traffic on the update server and since the update server is only in Cary, NC, there are latency issues.  I’m not sure what we can do about that, but will work on it.  The download page is hosted all over the world so it's always going to be faster from that perspective.  


The other thing that’s going on is there were some things that can happen during both the download phase & the update phase of the update process that can hang up which we’ve found during our own testing and have put some fixes in place to handle.  The bad news there is that the fixes are part of this update which means they don’t do you any good right now – but should hopefully make the next update process better (when another new release is pushed out).


We would love to collect data about any issues you’re having so if you have the time to contact support (SASAnalyticsU@sas.com), please do so we can get more details on what’s happening to you.  If you don’t have time, totally understand – just go get a new copy so you can get the work done you need to.  Thanks!


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