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Re: Unable to read file off disk

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Re: Unable to read file off disk

See the Analytics U forum under Learning. And check the University Edition FAQ. 


At setup, you followed the instructions exactly, so somewhere you have a myfolders set up. Place the file in there and access according to the instructions. 



Sometimes its a bit of a maze but the majority of standard questions involved in using SAS UE are answered here:



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Unable to read file off disk

I am unable to read a simple data file: I get this error:

ERROR: The path
is not in the list of accessible paths when SAS is in the lockdown state.
I have the data file in the same directory as the sample code and yet it still complains.
It can clearly access the file, I read the posts about the VMs and making sure you point to inside the SAS environment.
What is this lockdown state, and how to resolve ?
Please advise .
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Re: Unable to read file off disk

Two things - can you show the code, including the full filename statement, and a screenshot of the shared folders configuration of your VM box?


With University Edition, because SAS is running in a Linux virtual machine, you have to be very particular about how the sharing is set up. It's not hard to do, but it needs to be precise.

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Re: Unable to read file off disk



as your filename.

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