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Proc sgplot uniform= does not work properly

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Proc sgplot uniform= does not work properly

Proc sgplot uniform=all makes only the yscale uniform, and uniform=xscale is ignored.  I'm using the latest updated University Edition.  Sorry, I don't have time to provide sample data and other code. It's simple by-group processing, not group=.. 


If someone from SAS is watching, I would like to complain about the difficulty in modifying the appearance of graphs. It takes [me] literally hours to figure something as simple as changing the fill and color of symbols. The page explaining Marker Fills and Outlines at


is very confusing.  Please, please, SAS, make the whole process friendlier. When I introduce people to SAS Studio, I should not have to apologize about the graphics.



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Re: Proc sgplot uniform= does not work properly

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Have you reviewed the examples on the Graphically Speaking blog?  Sanjay and team have a ton of examples, and they offer a visual index to help you to find one that comes close to what you need.

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Re: Proc sgplot uniform= does not work properly

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I have had no response re the problem with uniform= in sgplot.


Concerning my complaint about the unfriendliness of sgplot...  I visited Sanjay's blog.  What can I say? It's all too complicated.  The visual index page is also not much use, when you have to click through 13 pages to find something like what you want. Researchers need scatterplots and bar graphs, nothing else, so we need a suite of such graphs, and an index page that starts with simple graphs and builds the complexity. We don't need icons of elephants adorning our graphs, for god's sake, and in any case, it makes more sense to add such embellishments in Powerpoint.  Sorry I can't be more appreciative. The complaint stands.

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